Link Trade vs. Traffic Trade

Difference between link trade and traffic trade The most widespread business terms more often than not used by…

Difference between link trade and traffic trade

The most widespread business terms more often than not used by website owners are Link Trade and Traffic Trade. Literally speaking, when we think of the word, traffic, the first thought that comes to the mind is the traffic on the road. However, during the last few years, with the fast and rapid growth of the internet, there are millions and billions of websites each eager receiving a larger stream of surfers or visitors to their websites which is known as Traffic that possess the probability to be transformed into customers. Effectively speaking, both forms of Traffic Trade and Link Trade are generally excellent and effective techniques to enhance the quantity of net surfers to a website and is frequently used by website owners.


In this context, the term, ‘Traffic’ denotes the surge of net surfers both to and from the websites. This traffic is sought after to be either put on sale or to be acquired. At times this traffic can also be hacked or bought and sold in between various websites. One of the easiest techniques adopted is to establish a link on another site on a web page or can be further made difficult through transmitting hits to various websites. When owners of a large number of websites transmit hits to each other, it is known as Traffic Trade even though it is varies from the Link Trade.


The term, ‘Link Trade’ alludes to the operation of connecting a website to various other sites by trading links. One of the main reasons for link trading is to cultivate more traffic to one’s website. There are two clear benefits of Link Trading, it tends to enhance the rankings of the search engine and links them in order to produce more traffic as net surfers kept clicking on the sites. The improvement in the foundation level rankings of the search engine through Link Trade is entirely dependent on the number of websites that connect back to the site which requires to be ranked. The basis behind this way of thinking is that if there are innumerable sites transmitting back links to a site then it must have an evocative and pertinent content on the site.


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