Love vs. Affection

Difference Between Love and Affection Love and affection are two human emotions, which are closely related in many…

Difference Between Love and Affection

Love and affection are two human emotions, which are closely related in many ways, and yet there is a difference in their meaning. When a person finds someone or something adorable, then it is called affection. It is a very simple emotion. Affection can be shown towards your pet or towards the poor and needy. Affection can lead to love. Love is a more complex emotion. It is a combination of lots of feelings. In love, the attraction that we feel for another person is not just physical; it is emotional, and even spiritual.
Affection is closely related to emotions. Affection is a social quality; in our day-to-day social interaction, we can feel affection towards other people, children, animals and even strangers. When you give affection to somebody, you also receive affection in return. It is a give and take relationship.

Affection generally involves expression of concern. Love, however, is a deeper feeling, which does not involve any show. It speaks for itself. You can love somebody without expressing it.

It is very difficult to describe what love actually is. Loving someone and being in love with someone are completely different things. You love your family, parents, spouse and children unconditionally and are willing to do anything for them. Falling in love is different from this. You start with liking a person. This leads to affection. You care for this person and want to be with him always. You cannot imagine your life without this person in your life. This means that you have fallen in love with the person. He is now a part of your life. When you fall in love, everything around you changes. You wait for hours just to get a look at this person; just his presence is enough to make you happy. Love, however comes with its own share of commitment and responsibility.

In short, love is like a tender feeling, a deep undeniable affection. It is caring for somebody. Love can even lead you to make some sacrifice to make your partner happy. It involves physical attraction and chemistry; a feeling no one can really explain, because everyone perceives it in his own different way.  and pick his / her own definition of love. Love cannot be there without affection. However, there can be affection without love. Affection is thus, the first step towards love.


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