Love vs. Arranged Marriage

Love and Arranged Marriage: The Better Perspective for Matrimony Marriage is man’s way of building kinship. It is…

Love and Arranged Marriage: The Better Perspective for Matrimony

Marriage is man’s way of building kinship. It is through this process that the relationship of two entities, which involves intimate and sexual connection, is recognized depending upon one’s culture and social norms. Along with history, marriage has exhibited evolutions depending upon how people adjust to the changes in their society.  Today people engage their selves to matrimony as a fulfillment of their love and passion towards their partners.  This is what they call love marriage. In the contrary, love marriage was not really that popular before, usually people submit themselves to arranged marriage; this was done for the purpose of preserving a family’s wealth, or to gain a higher rank in the society.

Arranged marriage refers to the process of setting two entities to be in matrimony whether be it their desire or not. Usually parents of the couple are the ones who set the marriage for the purpose of preserving or enhancing their family’s wealth and possessions or to maintain a family’s rank in the society. This kind of marriage is very common in Asia, particularly in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Though this kind of marriage has already being practiced even before, still it receives negative feedbacks from other liberal societies as it suppresses man’s will to decide who he or she will marry.

On the other hand Love marriage is the union of two people having the same interests, love and passion towards each other. This is very common nowadays as the societies adapt to a more modern perspective. In this kind of marriage a person is free to choose who he or she will marry as long as the person they have chosen to be with also agrees to be married with him or her, otherwise it would not be considered love marriage anymore but forced marriage. This way of placing two people in matrimony is more accepted nowadays as humans tend to incline to ideas referring to their freedom of choice.

Though both may be the same in the act of marriage and matrimonial rights, still there is a big difference among the two. In arranged marriage, the couple to be married still has to know each other. People engaged to be in this kind of marriage usually suffers from not getting along with each other which may cause the marriage not to last long. Some arranged marriages work though. Those who are engaged through love marriage don’t really have to establish a relationship that will last for they already know how to deal with each other therefore they can easily get along. How about you? Which among the two will you prefer?


In brief:

  • Arranged married refers to having two couples be married without their choice who to marry. Usually. The parents of the couple are the ones to set the marriage.
  • Love marriage is the result of two people’s intimacy and love for each other, usually this kind of marriage lasts longer than arranged marriage.
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