Love vs. Being in Love

Difference between Love and Being in Love                  The idea of loving a person nowadays seems to be perceived…

Difference between Love and Being in Love

                 The idea of loving a person nowadays seems to be perceived as something really very broad which may be manifested through many meanings. One may perceive love as an act of being inclined to things which a person likes to do, like to have, and even someone whom a person would like to be with. Loving something or someone is customarily the act of sharing or possessing one’s deep attraction towards a certain object or a person. It may also indicate one’s affection and care towards someone depending upon how a person is related towards this person. But how could we make distinctions between loving someone from being in love with someone? Though both may sound and look the same, still a boarder separates the two from each other.

Loving someone is normally the act of showing one’s deep concern and affection towards a person. It might also be perceived as the way we become attached to a certain person, thing, or an action. On the other hand, being in love is the state where a person becomes attached to somebody in some unavoidable circumstances.  It is very much different from loving someone because it is more focused on the romantic aspects of love. Loving someone may be referred to the love of a mother to her child or the love of a friend towards his peers. Being in love means having a romantic relationship with someone not related to you by blood.

Both may pertain to the act of loving something but we should also take into consideration some factors which may affect there similarities like the person we tend to love and the extent we become attached to this person. Being in love with somebody is usually loving someone whom we considers to be our partner who could satisfy our emotional and physical urges whereas loving someone may pertain to a person whom we tend to care for and share our affections with disregarding our physical demands. I am not saying that being in love does not mean sharing our affections to that person, it may also denote something related to that but do not necessarily mean that it is only up to that. We try to satisfy someone when we become in love unlike loving where we do not have to do something just to satisfy that person.

In brief:

  • Loving means the act of showing unconditional concern and affection towards a person
  • Being in love could either be a sudden or a slow process of being attached to a person romantically.
  • Loving someone does not necessarily mean satisfying ones physical urges.
  • Being in love requires physical satisfaction.


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