Love vs. Care

Difference between Love and Care The terms, Love and Care are entirely varied from each other and one has…

Difference between Love and Care

The terms, Love and Care are entirely varied from each other and one has to have a clear idea as to how to distinguish both of these emotions from each other in order to be able to love and care simultaneously. There is an element of confusion amongst people who have a special emotion or feeling for somebody, particularly in case they cannot differentiate the terms, caring from loving. People who cannot make out the difference between these two terms are bound to face a massive problem in the future particularly when are on the look out for someone special whom they want to love.

In reality, the emotion of love can only be experienced for a person who is someone special in your life while the feeling of caring can be held for those people whom you do not even know. The main objective of this article is to assist a person to clearly discriminate the emotion of caring for someone and loving somebody.

The basic difference between loving and caring lies in the following factors:

  • When it comes to caring, it can for a feeling that you may have for a person who may not be known to you and is a genuine caring attitude and spells of a friendly gesture. While helping an old woman crossing the street in the midst of fast moving traffic brings forth the care for the old woman. Yet an emotion of profound feeling is being in love with someone whom you love. It is a feeling that you are not liable to forgive. If you love a person, you would love to be with him or her and desire to be a significant part of your life. The feeling of caring is intentional while the emotion of love is instinctive.
  • The emotion of love for a person of the opposite sex is completely different from the caring attitude that you may have for your friends, parents and siblings. Love is a strong emotion that becomes extremely passionate that it becomes incontrollable.
  • Taking the example of helping an old woman crossing the street, the feeling of care is temporary and short termed, while loving is totally a long term commitment for somebody whom you have married and are in love. You chose to assist somebody since you know that that is the correct thing to do.
  • In case you care for someone, it is not that you love them and expect them to return your love, even though loving someone may also mean that you care for them. Loving essentially means that you miss someone you love and cannot exist without him or her. Yet caring is all about camaraderie and friendship.


The emotions of Love and feeling of Care may be different in every aspect, yet they cannot be set apart from each other and work in conjunction with each other. In case you are not bothered about anybody, it follows that you are also not able to love. The moment you feel the emotion of love, you will immediately come to know of love, thus it is not very difficult to clearly make a distinction between love and care. When you care for somebody, you would be aware that your feeling is not too personal, but is on the surface about them. A person should not be anxious about love and care since both these thoughts would assist you to discern true love and true friendship at the same time.


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