Love vs. Friendship

The Line between Love and Friendship Have you experienced being in a dilemma where you have to choose…

The Line between Love and Friendship

Have you experienced being in a dilemma where you have to choose who among your lover and your friend will you had to spend your time with? It is really very hard to decide is it not? Both play important roles in your life and somehow become daily routines which you cannot live without. The difference between love and friendship has been an issue over a long period of time. How thin could the line between these two be? Well let us try to find out.

Friendship is the relationship between two or more people – connected to each other through the principles of trust and respect – having the same interests. It may involve not only two but as many people as one desires. Friends usually have this special bond which can be strengthen through the length of time they have spent with each other and also through the challenges and obstacle they have gone through. A friend is someone whom we can call and rely to in times of crisis, someone who always seem to offer a helping hand when we are in trouble or difficulty. Friends are also those we tend to be with often. Usually friends go together in either times of happiness or times of problems. Friendship, for it to be called true, sometimes takes a lot of time and efforts.

Love, on the other hand, is a relationship exclusively shared by two people – people which may not have the same interests but are bonded through deep personal and physical attachment and shares a more passionate association towards each other. One who is in love sometimes tends to sacrifice almost everything that he or she possesses just for the one he or she loves. Being in this relationship does not only require companionship but also requires full commitment; it may also demand physical contact between the two lovers.

Love and friendship are connected to each other, we love our friends but not to the extent that we offer almost everything to them but when we talk about loving our lover, it’s a different story because we do not only offer them almost everything that we have, we even sometimes lead to self offering. In friendship no commitment and physical satisfaction is required, only camaraderie and company.

Both friends and lovers are important to each of us. It would be hard for us to survive without the two because both will help us grow into a better person and also help us in building our personality.

In brief:


  • Friendship is the relationship of people having the same interests.
  • Love is the relationship of people having deep personal and physical attachment towards each other.
  • Unlike friendship, love is an exclusive relationship with two people.
  • Unlike love, friendship does not require commitment and physical attachment towards each other.
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