Love vs. Infatuation

Love vs. Infatuation As we tend to grow older, certain emotions seem to be developed inside us. Being…

Love vs. Infatuation

As we tend to grow older, certain emotions seem to be developed inside us. Being able to grow physically and emotionally, we become acquainted to feelings we never have come across within our early stages of life. As we start to realize this, we become confused because some of these emotions, at first glance, seem to be alike and manifest only small details of distinction. Love and infatuation are only two among these emotions having traced amounts of dissimilarity. How could one be distinguished from the other?

Infatuation is the act of being obsessively – if not addictively – attracted to a certain person. Usually, one is infatuated to someone because of one’s physical aura most commonly to people having impressive sex appeals. This kind of attraction is otherwise referred to as puppy love as it could either pursue to a deeper level of attraction or could fade in time. This is common in teenagers as it is in this age that they learn how to appreciate the beauty of the opposite sex, in other words infatuation is merely the manifestation of one’s physical desire focusing only on what one see physically not on how one perceives a person’s personality.  Infatuations customarily do not last long as it only depends on how a person is bodily attractive.

Love, on the other hand, is the deeper attraction towards the being inside a person – meaning one sees the completeness of a person not physically but emotionally and spiritually – and is usually manifested by affection. Loving a person means accepting a person as a whole regardless of his or her physical imbalances. This is the reason why true love lasts. In love there is not a thing that a person would not sacrifice. One is willing to give almost everything he or she has just to make the person he or she love happy. Therefore love could otherwise be referred to as self sacrifice. Love is something that never fades and lasts forever, that’s why when you say you love a person – it would never die – , you’ll love him or her till your last breath.

Love and infatuation are commonly perceived to be the same but the truth is, love is very much different from infatuation. Love pertains to committed offering of one’s self for the one he or she love while infatuation is only the act of liking one’s superb physical attributes. Love unlike infatuation never fades and thus lasts forever.

In brief:

  • Infatuation is physical attraction.
  • Love is an affectionate attraction towards a person’s being.
  • Love lasts forever.
  • Infatuation fades in time.
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