Love vs. Passion

Difference between Love and Passion At least once in every person’s life the feeling of Love and Passion have…

Difference between Love and Passion

At least once in every person’s life the feeling of Love and Passion have been in existence. A person usually enjoys both these emotions and treasures them as fond memories. Yet no matter how powerful and strong they may be, they are entirely two different entities.


Love can be described as extremely profound and of a longer period. It is a feeling of attachment and affection. It generally stays fresh for an extended period of time and does not go away after feeling it for the first time and cannot be considered to be fleeting. It remains in the hearts for ever if you firmly believe in it. Love is sufficient to uphold a relationship between two persons since it encompasses all other emotions especially for the romantics.


Passion on the other hand is a also an extremely strong and passionate feeling brimming with apparently unending ecstasy. However, generally passions do not last long and wither away. In case passion does remain for long, it would be impossible for anyone to move ahead with life since there would be a distraction from this powerful emotion. Passion cannot be considered to be the most positive object in this universe.


Both the feelings of Love and Passion can be forceful and would entirely depend on the person who is experiencing it. Yet there are a large number of variations between these two. Either feeling of passion and love are capable of overlapping each other although they actually do not. Love is an emotion that is extremely profound and is meant for a long term while the feeling of passion is transitory and is considered to slightly shallow.

Passion is powerfully intense and a far more primal emotion replete with lust, while love is a soft and affectionate feeling especially when transitions over from passion. Love is a feeling that people feel which could even defy time while passion is considered to be a state of mind. These emotions are considered to be so powerful and intense that they could move mountains. It is generally said that a person who has experienced these emotions, that person is essentially a emotional person.


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