Lutheran Vs. Methodist

Difference Between Lutheran And Methodist Both Lutherans and Methodists are believers in Lutheran and Methodist dogmas, which are…

Difference Between Lutheran And Methodist

Both Lutherans and Methodists are believers in Lutheran and Methodist dogmas, which are sects of Christianity. These principles are quite common and yet they have many discrepancies as well. As far as the origin and history is concerned the Lutherans originated due to the efforts of Martin Luther to bring in a reformation of Catholic Church. Majority of the beliefs and rituals of the Catholics and Lutherans are similar. However the Methodists-many of whose beliefs are of German origin-are led by John Wesley. The popular belief of the Methodist is that the spirit of God can be evident in every man and woman.

The ceremonies conducted by the Lutheran Church last for a long time, and mush stress is given about their details and meticulousness. The Lutheran Church also believes in the ritual of confession. However the rites and rituals of the Methodist Church stray from the general Church trends and focus on doing positive deeds and righteous acts so that God is pleased. According to them we take over the presence of God in us and Jesus Christ is there everywhere in our daily lives.

The Methodists believe that it is through the acts of affection, compassion and prominence. The Methodists are encouraged to change in the behavior towards the other human beings and inspire messages of harmony and brotherhood in their hearts. However according to the Lutherans man can only become holy by reaching heaven and they cannot become holy on earth otherwise. So the Lutherans try to ask forgiveness for sins through confessions and rituals. The Catholic traditions and faiths are very carefully preserved and practiced by the Lutherans. According to them people can reach heaven by means of their faith.

There are people in many countries who follow these two sects. While there are more Lutherans in Germany, Methodists are found in large numbers in England and are under the Church of England.


1. While Martin Luther was the leader of the Lutheran principles; John Wesley was the founder of the Methodist belief.

2. Methodists emphasize on the God’s spirit that is present everywhere and the Lutherans believe that Gods can be sought only in blessed places.

3. According to the Methodists the followers should do good and noble acts and the Lutherans stress on devotion and doctrine.

4. According to the Methodists people can become holy during their lifetime by leading a clean, pure and pious life unlike the Lutherans who do not believe these.

5. While the Lutherans indulge in compulsory confessions and rituals while Methodists do not do so.

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