Men’s Brain Vs. Women’s Brain

Difference Between Men’s Brain And Women’s Brain Knowing the difference between men and women’s brains would start flaming…

Difference Between Men’s Brain And Women’s Brain

Knowing the difference between men and women’s brains would start flaming fire arguments leading to the issue of which sex was better. But it is precisely for this reason to know the difference between men and women’s brains were very interesting topic of research. Scientists, psychologists, writers and doctors have reduced their younger, physiological, external, internal and other factors to determine what really sets one apart.

Men are really adept in directions and mechanical parts, while women are more familiar with the feelings and communications. These features and many more will be highlighted in the top 10 established brain differences between men apart from women. The 10 reasons are: interpersonal communication, the left brain versus two hemispheres, mathematical skills, to deal with stress, emotions, brain size, language, pain, allergic disorder, and spatial ability. For further explanation, read on.

Men’s brain is 11% larger than female brains. This fact is proven because they have more nerves to be neurons or nerve cells for their extra large muscles and large body size. Men have also been shown to be highly skilled local capacity; they have the ability to interpret the image and all its dynamics. Because of the high amount of testosterone that men’s brains release, man tended to have a reaction called the fight or flight when it comes to dealing with stress. Brains of men are also higher in the region called the inferior parietal greater or IPL, making them more proficient in math’s than women. And finally, did you know that men are better left activity in the brain? This makes them stronger in task-oriented activities because the method used to solve problems. But leaving aside their many positives they have some weak points in matters of language expertise where they cannot surpass woman. Language, human interaction which focuses on task-oriented activities are some of the fields, where women proved superior.

Brains of women, however, allows them to work on both right and left brain, which makes them approach problems with creativity and sensitivity. Because women use both parts of the brain, it made them more effective in working with others with the tone, empathy and emotions. This is why women are more connected to all others (both sexes) than men. Not only that, women are more skilled in language-based content and language companion thought. This is because the two parts of the brain responsible for language has been shown to be higher in women compared with men. It also helps women in the long run because it is easy to protect them from impact. .women react to stress in an emotional and be friendly way. This is because the brains of women produce less testosterone and more quantity of estrogen when stress occurs. The hormone estrogen fuels oxytocin (calming and nurturing hormone). With regard to the feelings, the women also proved better than men. This is because women have deeper limbic system. This allows women to express their emotions well and have a deeper relationship with others. But women’s brains make them more susceptible to pain than men who need a higher dose of morphine, if necessary. It also makes women a easy victim of depression.


1. Men and women’s brains show significant differences in the characteristics of both sexes.

2. Men have more brain mass than women

3. Men are proficient in mathematics than women.


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