Mens Shoe Size vs. Womens Shoe Size

Difference Between Mens Shoe Size and Womens Shoe Size The size of men and women’s shoes are different…

Difference Between Mens Shoe Size and Womens Shoe Size

The size of men and women’s shoes are different because of the anatomical differences in men and women. In choosing the shoes to perfection it is essential that we choose the one that is of a perfect fitting. We must be conscious regarding the size difference.

The Size of Men’s shoes

The sizes of men are obviously larger than the ladies for the obvious reason that the shape of their feet is much wider, longer and more elongated than that of a woman. Also their foot structure is quite different, since they have low or flat arches. It is said that the sizes for men are a size or two larger than females.

The Size of Women’s shoes

Women have sizes that are obviously generally smaller when compared to men. If talking about structure, they have narrow and pointed feet, which will mean that in terms of width, feet of the women are narrower. Many researches say that the women’s size is two sizes smaller than that of their male counterparts. The other main cause is that the structure of the shoe in regards to the structures of the body and feminist movements.

Difference between the sizes of men and women’s

It is quite obvious that there would be dissimilarities when it comes to sizes because the anatomical structure of the two sexes is different. It is wise for shoe manufacturers to adapt to these differences. One most dependable measuring piece of equipment for foot sizes is the

Perhaps the most important thing is that one should know his or her exact shoes size that should not cause pain during walking. It is also essential to be comfortable with our shoes.


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