Metaphor vs. Allegory

Difference Between Metaphor and Allegory A simple speech or text can be made more powerful and impressive with…

Difference Between Metaphor and Allegory

A simple speech or text can be made more powerful and impressive with the figures of speech that allow objects to be compared to the completely unrelated objects in a way that it makes it interesting in listening or reading. Metaphor and allegory are two such figures of speech that are very similar to each other, which is why people are not sure of their usage and meaning. This article attempts to clear all such doubts by emphasizing the meaning and use.


The beautiful lady had a heart of stone. This is a perfect example of the use of metaphor to make the sentence more impressive and express the deeper sense that the author wants to convey. Now, the heart can not be of stone (not possible), but using this figure of speech allows the author to give an impression that the beautiful lady had no feelings like a stone. One can see how the metaphor allows an author or speaker to compare two completely different things that are not related in any way.


The allegory is a figure of speech which is very similar to the metaphor in that people and objects are related and compared with things which are not related to them. In fact it is an extended metaphor in which the entire text has characters which are personified forms of abstract ideas and human qualities. The story that the author sends has two meanings, the apparent meaning which is understood by words and the other, more understated sense that has social and religious tones and a meaning that is representational. In fact the allegory makes it possible to express a completely different meaning from written text. The allegory of word comes from the Greek word meaning allegoria veiled language.


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