Microsoft Skype vs. Skype

Difference Between Microsoft Skype and Skype Skype is a software application from Microsoft which provides the facility of…

Difference Between Microsoft Skype and Skype

Skype is a software application from Microsoft which provides the facility of real time video, voice and instant messaging. Skype is a business division of Microsoft. Microsoft acquired it in May 2011. Before it was acquired by Microsoft, traditional PSTN lines were used for voice communication. With the advent of Voice over IP, the call rates came down considerably. Simultaneously, needs of people for Video over IP were being encouraged. First Skype introduced high quality VoIP and after that it came with video over IP. Desktop sharing, file transfer and messaging are a few more services provided by Skype.


Skype is a software application which facilitate real time voice and video. It in Microsoft, Linux, Android , Window Mobile platforms. Skype came into existence in 2003. It was acquired by eBay in 2005. Silver Lake acquired Skype in 2009 and enhanced the calling minutes upto 150 percent monthly. Skype was being  used by 170 million users by 2010 amd it increased 207 billion minutes.

To begin with, Skype came with voice over IP. It introduce Video over IP and some other services later. Later it brought such features which sustituted PSTN or home phone service. These features include video calling, voice calling, Instant messaging, Voice mail, File sharing, Call forwarding, Skype in and Skype out and caller line identification etc. Skype has Skype services through Mobile.

Microsoft Skype (MS Skype)

Microsoft had 170 million active users when it was acquired by it in 2011. It was a good business plan of Microsoft. They could combine Sype services whith Microsoft products increasing the Windows Mobile Market. All this will help Microsoft in going ahead in Voice and Mobile market. In addition, Microsoft owns products like Outlook, MSN Messenger and Lync which are real time products.

In future, Microsoft may add a few more features to the present features. It will be combined with Xbox, Lync users Xbox Live, and Outlook etc. Then it will be able to satisfy all communication needs of the people and corporates.

Outlook user communities. Microsoft Skype will become as one stop shop for all communication needs of individuals and corporate.


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