Modern vs. Contemporary Dance

Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Dance Rhythmic body movements used as a vehicle of social communication and expression…

Difference Between Modern and Contemporary Dance

Rhythmic body movements used as a vehicle of social communication and expression of thought gave birth to Modern as well as Contemporary dance. They are very powerful channels which make use of varied styles and numerous techniques representing emotions and language of expression.

A style of unrestricted classical ballet is reflected in modern dance. It is devoid of structured routines. It is focused on free interpretations which are derived from inner emotions. Modern dance dates back to the 20th century. It has been the result of performers’ revolt against classic creations, costumes and use of footwear. Dancers turned against pre established practices and started a style of barefoot and relaxed modern dance wearing nontraditional costume.

Contemporary dance is a genre of dance having specific concert. In this dance the movements are not choreographed. It is influenced by compositional philosophy. It draws inspiration from modern dance. It makes use of some of the methods and skills incorporated in modern dance ballet. However, it is non classical in nature. It emphasizes the need of flawless form. It frequently makes use of footing. It is neither cultural nor conventional jazz orientation

It influenced by compositional philosophy. This dance variety draws inspiration from a range of methods and skills drafted from modern dance and ballet though it is strictly made to be non-classical in nature. Emphasizing the need of flawless from, contemporary dance frequently utilize basis to produce an piece that is neither of cultural nor conventional jazz course.

There is a desire of attaining improved movement of style in the development of Modern as well as contemporary dance. The expressions of style are nontraditional.  However, modern dance provides more accents to emotions. As a result distinct routines are formed. Contemporary dance, however, crosses the boundaries as it has developed a new style of movement. It emphasizes on motions which are not universally practiced. Modern dance routines show seriousness whereas contemporary dance shows fluidity and lightness.


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