Morphing vs. Tweening

Difference Between Morphing and Tweening Morphing and tweening are techniques used in the field of animation. They make…

Difference Between Morphing and Tweening

Morphing and tweening are techniques used in the field of animation. They make use of flash. The techniques are very common today. Morphing is a known to the people more than tweening. Tweening is also known as inbetweening. Tweening allows a user to create intermediate frames while moving one image to the next. Both the techniques seem to be similar. However, there is difference between the two.  Let us discuss.


When one watches the black and white video of Michael Jackson, one wonders how faces change to one another. It is possible only through a technique known as morphing. A person’s face can be changed from his normal face to a celebrities face through the help of morphing. This technique is so skillfully used as one cannot understand how a face changes to another one in a blink of eye. The technique of morphing involves marking of the main features of the face into the one which has to evolve from the original. It is computer software which distorts the first face to the second one fading both the faces. It is done in such a short time spans that our eyes cannot recognize when the changes take place.


Tweening is the technique to produce intermediate frames transforming one image into another gradually. In fact, one frame is slightly different from the previous one which shifts in shape and appearance to the final images the producing a different shape and fading the previous one. The change is so slight that our eyes cannot know when the change takes place. Today, this technique is the basic skill in the production of animation. Letters can be made to run into stars, rabbits are turned into lions and circles are turned into squares with the help of this technique. Flash is an important tool in tweening while making shape and motion. The difference between shape and motion tweening is that shpe tweening is based on object that is edited while motion tweening takes place on groups. Tweening can change the colors and location of an object. Shape tweening is largely used in web site designing with the help of flash.


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