Movies vs. Books

Difference Between Movies and Books The two mediums of entertainment- movie and book need no introduction. These have…

Difference Between Movies and Books

The two mediums of entertainment- movie and book need no introduction. These have been around to salvage us from sheer boredom and monotony of routine life. They impart knowledge and provide infotainment. Of the two, books are indeed the older ones. Since times immemorial, books have been companion of human race. Both movies and books are different. Even though, they might be telling a same story but the screenplay and treatment is what make them different from each other.

A movie is a story told by camera.  Using various styles and different modes or genres, a story is shot in scenes.  There is a lead actor and actress. Some movies use still images such as cartoon and illustration to tell as story. These could be any types. These could be pure entertainment, comedy or relevant to some social cause.  As in books the story telling rely heavily on the art and style of a writer, similarly, movies are showcase of a director’s skills. It is his imagination and school of thought what we see in movies.  In movies there are lots of aural and visual clues. Due to their larger than life scenario, we tend to feel attached for the time being with the movies. We cry when there is an emotional scene or we tend to feel romantic with something pertaining to love is going on.  Movies can be ‘let-go-of’ easily but on the other hand, books leave an everlasting impression on one’s mind.  The movies tell stories through moving pictures whereas a book contains written, illustrated or printed work.

It could be fiction, an autobiography, a social campaign, essay or literature. These have been used for ages for educational and literary purposes. On the other hand, using movies as an education tool has just got into trend.  Books are said to be windows to real world.  These increase vocabulary.

Some people prefer movies to book whereas for some, books are better choice.  Whatever it may be, both of them tend to impart knowledge in men in one form or another.


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