Difference between MP3 and FLAC   As we know, there are different types of format nowadays to play…

Difference between MP3 and FLAC


As we know, there are different types of format nowadays to play our favourite songs. The most popular one is MP3. Although FLAC is seldom used and less likely known, we will tackle the differences between the two. But basically, the main difference is simply how they compress the audio into their specific file.


MP3 is a format which they call “lossy” which means you lose some information. But we would now wonder and think of the loss you would have with this type of audio format. Now, what it does is that, those materials or so called information that people won’t hear is not included in the file. So, if you’re more in to saving disk space or in other words seeking for smaller file size, it would be best to choose the MP3 format. This is the reason why it is so popular in the market. Also, this format was the choice of the first SSD music players which they soon called MP3 Players. With the newer formats like MP4, and many more, still the MP3 format can still be played or is compatible with most of our beloved gadgets.


On the other hand, the format FLAC is termed as “lossless”, the opposite of what an MP3 format is. Although it is not the exact opposite because they still are similar in a sense that they are a file for audio but, the FLAC format is where all information of the audio file is stored, whether you can hear it or not. This is good at some point but it gives the file size some weight.

Brief Summary:

-MP3’s compress the audio file size to a mere 20% than the original without disrupting anything audible, while FLAC saves all the information of the file.
-The more widely used format is that of the MP3 because of the fact that you can play this type of files on almost any music ready device present today. The FLAC format on the other hand has little compatibility of what we have. You would be of need to buy a specific type of software for your computer or hardware to play it which would be a bit costly and impractical.

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