Difference Between MS and MRS Both these words are titles that we come across daily. We generally do…

Difference Between MS and MRS

Both these words are titles that we come across daily. We generally do not pay any heed to their significance and most of us use these titles interchangeably. However we should keep in mind that these titles are applicable to different types of individuals.

In the US, Ms is used to honor the women, no matter if you are married or not. Actually both the word Ms and Ms. are the same title applicable for women, and there is no difference between them.

However Mrs is a title that is applicable for women who are married. Unless the woman has titles like Attny (attorney), Dr (doctor) etc, the title Mrs is applicable for her.

As far as pronunciation is concerned, Mrs is a two syllable word. In some regions of South America there is a slang of the word which sounds like Ms.

Just like the title Ms, Mrs is also written as Mrs and Mrs. and  it depends upon the place where it is being used. There are some places where Mrs is used and there are places where Mrs. is used.

From the point of view of history the title Mrs came from the title mistress, the female counterpart of mister. This title was used at that time to indicate both married and non married women. During later part of the 17th century, the titles Ms and Mrs were separated and Mrs was applied for married women. However almost no one spells out missus or missis completely.


1. The pronunciation of Mrs is longer as it has two syllables and Ms has only one.

2. Mrs is applicable to married women and Ms is a title applied to women no matter what their marital or civil status is.



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