MSN Messenger Vs. Windows Live

Difference Between MSN Messenger And Windows Live MSN is the messenger that’s tops the list of network services…

Difference Between MSN Messenger And Windows Live

MSN is the messenger that’s tops the list of network services in Microsoft, with Hotmail. Its been functional since over a decade.

Windows Live Messenger, whose name is taken from the range of services known as Microsoft Online or Windows Live, also offers the opportunity to call directly to a relevant person even if he is not online, a shared folder (protected by anti-virus-specific WLM if the computer is free) that can be read by contacts in your list is also present. Other functions are constantly changing, as the maximum number of contacts that now extends to 600, the video conferencing tool or the ability to sort contacts by status, by groups or by modification date of the personal space.

The Mac OS can still use a specific version. Microsoft Messenger for Mac is an entity developed by Microsoft, but this version has many shortcomings, such as lack of videoconferencing and audio chat.

Development of Windows Live Messenger is still in progress today. MSN Messenger, meanwhile, had its final version in 2005, and has not been updated since. Some people still prefer MSN over Windows live because of its simpler approach.

Windows Live Messenger, being a mature application adds important features which are absent in MSN.

It’s easy to choose between the two for most users because it is essentially a compromise between functionality and simplicity. Some versions of MSN encourage the user to upgrade to Windows Live because MSN messenger is no longer supported by Microsoft. There is no need for a compatibility mode with Windows Live Messenger because Microsoft has made it compatible to every version of Windows.


1. Windows Live Messenger is an updated version to MSN messenger which was intended to replace it. .

2. After 2005, no new version of MSN was released. Windows live messenger is updated time to time.

3. MSN Messenger offers an interface much simpler than Windows Live Messenger.


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