Difference Between NASA and ISRO NASA, a space research organization of the US and ISRO, an organization of…

Difference Between NASA and ISRO

NASA, a space research organization of the US and ISRO, an organization of India, are both concerned with space research and surveying. They are similar in many respects but yet very different. NASA is way ahead of ISRO regarding skill, knowledge and achievements. Let’s find out.


It is the US government agency which is the most progressive space research organization anywhere in the world. Together with aeronautics, it is also occupied in a civilian space program. Since 1958, after its establishment, it has made history and accomplished a lot in space exploration. The success of man setting foot on moon, the Apollo mission, is attributed to NASA. It is also accredited on establishing the Skylab Station and Space shuttle because of which we know about various planets like Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. It is presently looking forward on setting an International Space Station. A huge bulk of information and data about celestial bodies has been accumulated by NASA and communicates this knowledge to other organizations world over. It has instigated 1091 space satellites in its 50 years of existence and 109 manned missions to various planets.


In India ISRO is the most important agency in space research and exploration. Started in 1959, it has accomplished a great deal in a short time and its success can be attributed to the then Soviet Union and endeavor of scientists such as Dr. Homi Bhabha, Vikram Sarabhai and Dr. Abdul Kalam. It has earned its place amongst the highest space research organizations in the world. ISRO is the leading space agency which provides launching service to satellites in other countries at a cost lower than that of NASA and various other space organizations. In fact NASA appreciates the launching abilities of ISRO. Plans to set another manned mission to space and Chandrayaan-1 is on the cards for ISRO, which is responsible for discovering water as ice on moon’s surface.


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