Natural Gas vs Propane

The difference between Natural Gas and Propane Although there are still some people who are mostly uncivilized that…

The difference between Natural Gas and Propane

Although there are still some people who are mostly uncivilized that use charcoal or wood as their main fuel in cooking, the majority nowadays are gases. Two of the most popular ones are the Natural Gas or Propane. They dissipate into the air since they are both gases. In their true form, they are both tasteless and odourless. You also have to take precautions when dealing with them for they are both highly flammable. Sulphur compounds are added up into these gases in order to warn people whenever it leaks. A leak of either of the two in a confined space would also be of an emergency for it will cause lack of oxygen. Even though they are very similar, they too have some differences.

Natural Gas

This type of gas is sometimes delivered by compressed tanks but mostly through pipes. Its name is driven from the words “Naturally Occurring Gas” which is a fossil fuel that’s collected beneath the Earth’s surface though the means of pumping it outward from certain natural gas fields and oil as well. It is a mix of certain gases which are composed of butane, methane, ethane, propane, pentane, hydrogen sulphide, nitrogen, and many more which is measured in cubic meters or cubic feet. There are three types of natural gases namely; Compressed Natural Gas, Liquefied Natural Gas, and an uncompressed form of natural gas. Natural gas is also known as the cleaner burning fuel due to the fact that when it’s used up or burned, it doesn’t release any pollutants into the air we breathe in.


Now, Propane on the other hand is delivered mostly through compressed tanks. It is a pure gas meaning it only contains one component namely Propane which is collected from petroleum refinement or natural gas processing and separated from other components. In propane’s liquefied form, it is more known as the Liquefied Petroleum Gas wherein it emits a few pollutants when burned that could affect the flavour of the food.

Brief Summary:

-Natural gas and Propane are both used in the same purposes such as cooking, heating, or even fuel for certain vehicles.

-Propane is one of the many components of Natural Gas.

-Natural Gas is a cleaner burner which doesn’t leave pollutants once it is burned unlike Propane which does leave some few pollutants which could affect the food.

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