Need vs. Want

Difference Between Need and Want Most of us use the words ‘need’ and ‘want’ in place of each…

Difference Between Need and Want

Most of us use the words ‘need’ and ‘want’ in place of each other, not realizing that the two have a very different meaning. What we perceive from the two words is in a sense of attaining something. Hence we tend to get confused. When we refer to something that is important for a person’s existence, then we are referring to the person’s need. On the other hand, the cravings or yearnings of a person are his wants. He may need something that he wants either presently or some other time.

Therefore, it states that if your wants are not fulfilled, you can still exist while your needs are very necessary for you to survive. It gets hard to exist without your needs being fulfilled. For instance, clean water is one’s need without which it is impossible to live. Other things like a place to live and clothes are the most basic needs. On the contrary, aspiring to have a Gucci watch is what one wants. Obviously one can survive without it. Without our needs being fulfilled, it gets challenging to live peacefully. But if our wants are not fulfilled, it does get unsatisfying but doesn’t affect your survival.

A known fact is that our needs and wants are endless. If one gets fulfilled, others pop up. One leads to the other. Hence, they are unlimited.


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