Netflix vs Blockbuster vs Redbox – Comparing Movie Rental Services

Movie rental services have undoubtedly changed the way that people view movies in radical new ways. Drawing in…

Movie rental services have undoubtedly changed the way that people view movies in radical new ways. Drawing in a large share of the movie going audiences who have traditionally gotten their movie fix from theaters and cinemas, movie rental services such as Netflix, Blockbuster and Redbox characterize the overwhelming shift in the history of movie viewing as we know it. Let’s take look at the most prominent features of each one of these movie rental companies.


Blockbuster has conventionally sustained the edge in the movie rental business as a result of its massive mail orders delivery, which gives customers exclusivity in the volumes of movie they purchase. Next in line is Netflix, in addition to a mail order service. Neflix revolutionized the scene with a new technology which is the movie download model. Blockbuster has also had to jump ship and introduce the same model.

In contrast, RedBox offers their rental services from their automated kiosks. RedBox is well renowned for its supply of new releases. Due to the limitations of space in there kiosks, they can only provide so much collection of movies.


Netflix and Blockbuster seem to be too close to call as far as movie selection is concerned, both of these stores offer a staggering number of movies in surplus of 100,000 titles at any given time. The wide range of selection indicates that, there is definitely a title for everyone at any time.

However, when it comes to RedBox, it is a whole different story. RedBox seems to specialize in certain selections. As it must be recounted, RedBox offers its services through automated kiosks. Consequently, limited space calls for a careful choice among fast moving titles. To this effect, RedBox selection contains majority of the new releases.


The service charge that will punch holes in your pocket is by Blockbuster. The $5 rental price has been deemed to be on the higher side. The recent online charge rise of course did not go down well with many. Unfortunately, Netflix doesn’t provide a desirable remedy in this regard either, with prices marching those of Blockbuster’s. Nonetheless, Netflix is a little flexible when it comes to service charges than Blockbuster. It is definitely a remote bargain, considering the fact that they both offer an equivalent variety of title selection.

RedBox saves the day when it come to friendly service charges, with the $1 per night fee for a new title and taking home the rest of the titles movies with a little less than $1 per night. For the RedBox niche market, this part of business keeps customers coming back regardless of the limited selection compared to the previous two giants.

Compare and Contrast: Netflix, Blockbuster and Redbox


  • A wide selection of movies
  • Provides clients with both download and mail-order options
  • The service charges are higher than RedBox but relatively lower than Blockbuster.


  • Holds the share of the movie rental industry
  • Offers an excellent movie selection
  • Costly
  • Provides clients with both download and mail-order options


  • Compared, it is the least expensive of the three
  • Operates from automated kiosks
  • Fairly small selection
  • Good choice for new and almost new movies
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