Nokia C7 vs. Nokia N8

Difference Between Nokia C7 and Nokia N8 Nokia C7 and N8 are two new multimedia phones running on…

Difference Between Nokia C7 and Nokia N8

Nokia C7 and N8 are two new multimedia phones running on Symbian 3, are latest additions in the fleet of Nokia phones. Both are excellent phones but they have many differences between them.

Let see the features of both these phones so that we can easily compare them.

Nokia C7 is priced low in comparison to the large number of features offered by it. It is 3G phone with AMOLED capacitive touchscreen of 3.5 inches. The phone looks very stylish, sleek and slim and measures 117.3X56.8X10.5mm and easily fits your hands. It has RAM of 256 MB and 680MHz CPU. This phone allows you to access larger number of application, personalize contact and many more things with three home screens. Phone has now better colors with vibrant hues and darker blacks. Pictures are sharper with the screen resolution of 360X640pixels. The phone weighs only 130gm. It has 8 megapixel rear camera with LED flash and two speakers.  Voice Command key allows you to open the applications on receiving voice commands. You can easily adjust the volume by using the volume buttons given on the side of the phone. You can use the keyboard in QWERTY and alphanumeric modes. You can stay connected with Wi-Fi, HSDPA and GPS. The phone has internal memory of 8GB

Nokia N8 is equally good and targets the customers who are crazy for multimedia phones.  It has better camera than C7 and has 12 MP camera. The camera has Xenon flash, Carl Zeiss optics and a large sensor which makes it far better than so many other digital cameras in market. This gives you perfect home theater experience if you connect it to the home theater system at your home. You can also make videos of high definition quality. It has huge capacity 16 GB for storage and it can be further expanded to 40GB

It can make HD quality videos and provides home theater experience when connected with your home theater system. It has a 16GB internal memory expandable to 40GB. N8 provides more talktime than C7 has better battery backup.

Symbian 3 operating system enables these phones to access CNN, Paramount, E!Entertainment and National Geographic. Ovi maps walk and drive navigation helps you in finding your way. You can also view live feeds from Twitter and Facebook and even update your photos and status very easily.


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