Nokia N8 vs. Apple Iphone 4

Difference Between Nokia N8 and Apple Iphone 4 Nokia N8 and Apple iPhone are best phones in their…

Difference Between Nokia N8 and Apple Iphone 4

Nokia N8 and Apple iPhone are best phones in their own categories and this makes it very difficult to choose just one out of the two. Both the phones offer numerous attractive features and the more you find about them, the decision becomes more difficult. Let see what all these phones have to offer in terms of features.

Nokia N8

Nokia N8 has some of the unbelievable features. Some of the features are:

  • 12 mega pixel camera with capability of 720p video recording capability.
  • touch screen features
  • Operating system: Symbian 3
  • curvy exterior
  • scratch resistant screen
  • Available in huge range of colors
  • easy connectivity to external devices for viewing videos on larger screen

Despite so many attractive features the phone is being criticized for compromising on basic features of the phone.

Apple iPhone

Apple captured a large share of market with its iPhone. So many people got their iPhones unlocked so that they could be used in other countries apart from US when the phone was launched initially. They shipped these phones to these countries. iPhone stands apart in the category of smartphones because of the excellent and highest resolution that gives crystal clear display. It has multitasking interface. Its 5Mp two way camera allows you to click your own pictures along with clicking high resolution pictures. It can be used as iPod if you love to listen to music and you can read ebooks as well.

Nokia N8 vs. Apple iPhone

  • Apart from many other differences the most visible difference among these phones is that you can get Nokia N8 in variety of metallic colors and have scratch resistant screens while the iPhone, which is the slimmest smartphone, is available in white colors of Apple and signature black.
  • N8 has 12 MP camera while iPhone has 5 MP camera but both these phones allow video chatting with their two way cameras.
  • Operating system of iPhone is user friendly while that of Nokia N8 is a little complicated.

We can say that both these phones are competitive and it is the preferences of the user which will influence the buying decision. If you though that it was difficult to beat iPhone then you must take a look at the high tech Nokia N8.


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