Office 2011 Mac vs. Apple Iwork

Difference Between Office 2011 Mac and Apple Iwork Office 2011 MAC and iWork are office suites designed to…

Difference Between Office 2011 Mac and Apple Iwork

Office 2011 MAC and iWork are office suites designed to be work on Apple’s Mac computers and laptops. Office 2011 MAC is product of Microsoft while iWork is product of Apple which is especially designed for the Macintosh Operating System. Both these suites have comparable applications.

Office 2011 MAC

Office 2011 MAC is an office suite by Microsoft. This includes various applications like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint and Excel. It has less number of applications when compared to Microsoft Office for Windows but it has all those applications which are used commonly.

This office suite also has ribbon interface, which saves lot of time for the users who know about it, is same in all applications of this suite. If you use the ribbon menu, then you need not scroll through palettes and quarry through ribbons.  Tabs are used in ribbons for displaying the commands relevant a particular operation.

Use of templates is another important feature that you will find in Office 2011 Mac. Now, you don’t need to begin your documents from scratch instead, you can use the in-built template galleries for Word, Excel and PowerPoint. You can opt from calendar layouts, resumes, photo catalogues and attractive newsletters. Users simply need to put the information without getting bothered about editing.

Media browser has made it easy for the users to browse through iMovie projects, iTunes music, video, images, and iPhoto libraries through a central location from where users can get hold of anything from Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

Conversation view is another great feature incorporated in Office 2011 Outlook application. This helps the users to see complete email or message by breaking up email threads.  There are many new editing tools in applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the users who want to have media element in the documents and presentations they create. This ends the requirement of any third party application for the purpose of editing. Many new features have made it easy for the users to create more appealing presentations now.


iWork is office suite specially designed for Mac operating system and is developed by Apple and has almost all the commonly used office applications just like Microsoft Office. Keynote is the application for graphical presentation, Numbers is for spreadsheets and Pages is for word processing. This office suite is designed especially for Macintosh Operating System and it uses the features of Mac computer. First version of iWork was released in way back in 2005 and its recently released version is iWork 2009.

Keynote has the most of the usual features like drag and drop, choice of fonts, outline mode and change tracking. You can find many formatting and graphic tools in the page layout feature. It has the ability to add tables, graphics, 3D charts and images. Users can now rotate and resize photos, do away with backgrounds and insert picture frames from the images.

Pages allow the users to open MS Word files and the documents can be saved in RTF, Word or text files. Mac OS X Mail allows the users to email directly the Word, Pages or PDF files.

The spreadsheets application has an in-built flexible canvas that allows users to move charts, graphics, tables and text easily where you want. There is an independent layout for every table and it allows the users to create the number of tables they want. Numbers has a media browser that makes it easy to open photos and movies just by one click.


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