Oppression vs Possession

The difference between Oppression and Possession You may or you may not believe in Demons. They are really…

The difference between Oppression and Possession

You may or you may not believe in Demons. They are really popular not just in movies, but in real life as well. Demons are said to be the creatures from hell. They are forms of evil spirits that have the ability to control or influence an individual in various ways. There are lots of non-believers but there are even more believers as some have experienced seeing a person getting oppressed or possessed. Not only Christianity but plenty other religions say that the evil spirits causes commotion in their faith and mostly their lives.
Demonic oppression is described as less powerful compared to demonic possession. Although that’s the case, it still does affect an individual a lot. A person in the state of Demonic oppression will exhibit different changes in his or her personality. Manners and Attitude are not that of a normal person. The demon does not however attack the individual directly but instead influences him or her regarding behaviour.
There are certain causes of this, it may be because a certain individual commits sins, temptations, is active in an occult religion, and mostly lack of faith, and these are what religious people say. Treatment however is possible through the means of repentance and purification. Exorcisms seem to have little results regarding such remedies.
On the other hand, Demonic possession is taken a lot more seriously as the demon has full control of an individual. The ability of the person who is possessed to move his or her own body is taken away. As the demon is in possession of the person, the voice can shift from demonic to normal or even another voice. This is very critical as the person possessed can kill him or herself with the control of the demon of course.
According to Christian beliefs, a true believer of Christ can unfortunately be oppressed. But what’s good about it, he or she cannot be possessed.
Brief Summary:
-Demonic oppression is where a demon influences an individual making drastic changes in one’s personality, while Demonic possession is more powerful due to the fact that the Demon is in fully control on the victim’s body meaning he or she has been stripped away of the ability of physical control.
-The person still has control of his or her mind and body in demonic oppression compared to demonic possession wherein he or she has not. The tone of the voice tends to shift whenever the demon prefers, this is with possession.
-Weakening of faith in one’s religion, participating in an occult religion, temptations, and committing of sins are the top reasons why an individual gets either possessed or oppressed.
-With regards to Christianity, they believe that a true believer in Christ can be oppressed but cannot be possessed.

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