Optical Mouse vs. Laser Mouse

Difference Between Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse We all know the use of a mouse in computers. Today,…

Difference Between Optical Mouse and Laser Mouse

We all know the use of a mouse in computers. Today, there are optical mouse and laser mouse available in the market and ball mouse are almost out of trend because they were heavier and slower in comparison to these mice.

Optical mouse replaced the ball mouse. These mouse have LED and photodiodes which detect the movement of the mouse. The optoelectronic mouse that you see today is improved version of the first optical mouse invented in 1980. In 1980 two people invented two different types of optical mouse and these kept on improving with time. The optical mouse that we today use an optoelectronic sensor which detects the movements with the help of a image processing chip which catches images. This chip makes the mouse capable of catching more than thousand images per second. These images are then processed by mathematical cross correlation.

Laser mouse is far better than ball mouse in terms of image tracking. The laser beam tracks the images and movements. If you compare the efficiency of any other type of mouse with laser mouse then you would find it almost 20 times better than them in terms of image catching and tracking. You can find different types of laser mouse depending on the intensity of the laser including wireless ones.

Here is a list of differences between laser and optical mouse:

  • Optical mouse use LED while laser mouse user laser beam for catching images and tracking movements.
  • Technology behind optical mouse is older than laser technology.
  • Laser mouse is 20 times more efficient in terms of tracking power than optical mouse.
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