Organic vs. Non Organic Food

Difference Between Organic and Non Organic Food Non-organic food and organic food has long been a controversial issue…

Difference Between Organic and Non Organic Food

Non-organic food and organic food has long been a controversial issue especially among the nutritionist and the members of the public health team. Organic food and organic products are in one way or another becoming more and more popular these days. People nowadays are become more and more health conscious and so have started buying organic food and products.

Organic Food

Mostly health conscious individuals prefer organic foods which are becoming more expensive with increasing popularity. The main idea for organic farming is the health, ecology and waste management. As the word suggest, organic foods do not contain the chemical involvement. Fruits, poultry and vegetables are naturally grown by the use of natural fertilizers and no chemical or hormonal injections are used for any of the products.

Non Organic Food

Non organic food is, on the other hand consumed by more than 50% of the population. Non organic farms use conventional farming methods and use of chemicals such as fertilizers and pesticides is very much in vogue. Fear of health lie in the fact that eating these non-organic foods could lead to the entry of these potentially harmful chemicals into their body thus causing harm. From the standpoint of price, non-organic food has a lot of hidden charges such as tax and whatever price the farmers may have incurred.

The difference between organic food and non organic food

Organic food contains more nutrients in comparison to the non organic foods because the nutrients are lost at the processing stage. Organic foods use natural fertilizer e.g cow manure and compost, while non-organic food uses harmful chemicals fertilizer. Non organic foods are grown in farms using human feces as fertilizer, a practice, which is not permitted in organic farms. Organic food contains no hormones whereas non organic food contains high levels of hormone. Hormones are injected into animals to accelerate their growth. There are more chances of food poisoning with non-organic foods as compared to the organic food.

The taste of both organic and non organic food is questionable because no two humans have the exact taste. Yet the choice between the two would depend entirely on how health conscious individual is. Agencies are, however, trying to regulate the chemicals used in non-organic foods so as to make them safe for human consumption.


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