Pandemic vs. Epidemic

Difference Between Pandemic and Epidemic Pandemic and Epidemic are both used to describe a medical outbreak of sicknesses…

Difference Between Pandemic and Epidemic

Pandemic and Epidemic are both used to describe a medical outbreak of sicknesses or diseases. The only major differences of course are the geographic locations and how far spread these outbreaks can reach. While they are similar in nature their intensity is what gives them their distinctiveness.

Epidemic Outbreaks

An Epidemic outbreak is categorized as a fast growing outbreak, of a contagious disease. It affects many people almost instantly, usually within a city or town. It can spread as quickly as wildfire; however, it is easier to contain than a worldwide Pandemic. It is usually a small outbreak like a fever or cholera. Even though, danger is still present the possibility of human life loss is relatively small, if the disease can be brought under subjection. This is done with medication, quarantine and a long period of waiting.

Pandemic Outbreaks

A Pandemic is an epidemic that has no social or geographical boundaries. It affects people all over the world from state to state, and the outcome is devastating, as it becomes harder to contain. This scenario pertains to outbreaks like the Swine flu or Aids. These outbreaks are responsible a large number of deaths. The outbreak is so potent that it can literally swipe out a community in only a short amount of time, if the infectious disease is not treated and put under quarantine.

Major diseases and illnesses that caused worldwide panic and concern is not only Cholera and Aids; Small Pox, Black Death, Influenza, Typhus, and the Bubonic Plague are among the worst cases in history. Some diseases start out as epidemics and as they worsen, they become Pandemics. However, science has come up with new vaccines and treatments, which is helpful in putting these outbreaks in a stagnant state. Research is constantly finding new cures and lives are being saved on a daily basis.


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