Panoramic vs. Wide

Difference Between Panoramic and Wide We all at some point of time look at the normal cameras and…

Difference Between Panoramic and Wide

We all at some point of time look at the normal cameras and photographs they are capable of capturing and wonder how do the photographers manage to capture such magnificent wide picture that provide a much wider view of a scene. The photos are captured using special cameras and these photos are called panoramas. It is a photo that gives a very wide angle of view. This style of photography which is called Panoramic or wide angle photography generates images with stretched out views. Now the difference between the two terms panoramic and wide angle is quite sharp but they are quite often misunderstood by people.

While panorama is essentially a wide photo, wide as a term is used for the wide angle lens that is instrumental behind the creation of a panorama. The word panoramic is used by the camera manufacturers to indicate any printing format with a wide aspect. It does not necessarily include images with a large field of view. As a matter of fact, the panoramic mode in the Advanced Photo System cameras comes with a field view of 65 degrees. This at the most can be called wide angle. There are various types of panoramic cameras like swing lens cameras, rotating cameras, stationary panoramic cameras and wide angle cameras. Thus the wide angle camera is just a type of panoramic camera.

Nowadays we can use software to join two or more pictures so that a panoramic effect is created. However if there is a moving thing on the way then you need a wide angle lens-which is attached in front of the lens of the camera, so that a wider field of view is achieved.

The best application of a wide lens is when you are taking a group photo. You can accommodate more people in the picture without having to move back.


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