Panther Vs. Jaguars

Difference Between Panther And Jaguars Both panther and jaguars fall in the category of great cats. People think…

Difference Between Panther And Jaguars

Both panther and jaguars fall in the category of great cats. People think there is really no difference between the two. In addition to this, most think that there is no difference between Panther and Jaguar, because they are both Feline of the same techniques. In line of hunting methods, both Panther and Jaguar hang out for the same food – the meat.

The term “Panther” is just a general term for the big cats, which would include the Jaguar. To simply distinguish between the two, Jaguars are in reality Panthers. Together with the Jaguars were lion, leopard, tiger and other big cats. It is safe to say that all Jaguars are Panthers. But if people want to say that all the Panthers are Jaguars, it would be wrong, because as per earlier references, Panthers are tiger, lion and leopard. Furthermore, there is a difference in classification, more specifically, to their families. Jaguars are Panther family while the Panthers are from the genus Panthera leopards.

People can also learn that the Black Panthers can be said to belong to another kind of big cat species because of their physical resemblance to the large cats, especially Jaguar. But in reality, this reaction is not yet Leopard Panthers or Jaguars. The only feature that is really different is the color of the Panther. Panther species in other color are called as melanistic leopard. Melanism is the reason behind the discoloration of Panthers and it may give them a striped or typically mottled kind of a fur. Melanism refers to increased amounts of dark pigment in skin or hair of animals. Sometimes melanism is not just about hair or skin, but it’s also spotted the eyes and feathers of some birds.

There is a difference between Panther and Jaguar in terms of specific physical properties as well. The size of these creatures has little difference. Jaguar would usually weigh around 124-211 kg, or 56-96 kg. The Panthers, however, would weigh approximately somewhere between 100-250 pounds. The two also vary in in terms of height.. Gap length Jaguars were about 5-6 meters high, but the Panthers could go 7-8 meters length.


1. There is a difference in the classification Panthers and Jaguars.

2. Panthers are black in color, but the Jaguars can be detected.

3. There is a difference between weight and length of the Panthers and Jaguars

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