Part Time Job vs. Casual Job

Difference Between Part Time Job and Casual Job Both part time job and casual job are two types…

Difference Between Part Time Job and Casual Job

Both part time job and casual job are two types of job that people take up when they need one. While looking for a job people may choose working either part time or engaging oneself in a casual work.  There are many reasons of doing so. The decisions matter on aspects like life style, having another job, children etc.

Part time job

Part time job is all about the total number of hours that for which a particular employee is working. Generally the part time employees work for half the total working hours that of a full time employee. As for examples, jobs of the waiters/waitresses in which case the working hours are during the lunch, breakfast or dinner time.

Casual job

Casual jobs advertised for definite occasions people who work as a casual employee, earn hourly wages. Such employees are not entitled to casual leaves, sick leaves etc. If you are looking for a casual job you can just go ahead, plan the number of hours you want to work and get the approval from the manager.

While the timings in case of a part time job is usually half of the working hours of a full time work profile, the work timing of a casual job is determined by the fact that how many hours an employee can work in a day. Unlike a part time employee who is entitled to holidays and leaves, a person doing a casual job do not get any leave. Depending upon the employee’s performance a part time work can lead to the employment in a full time work. However a casual job does never do so.

Thus it is evident that in spite of some basic similarities, these jobs have their own set of difficulties and aspects. You just need to know the type of job you need and the working hours concerned and you are all set to go.


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