PDA vs. Smartphone

Difference Between PDA and Smartphone The Personal Digital Assistant has many features that help a busy individual keep…

Difference Between PDA and Smartphone

The Personal Digital Assistant has many features that help a busy individual keep up with dates and appointments. They have twice as many functions as a Smartphone. Older generations find the convenience of using a PDA simpler than that of a Smartphone.  However, there are some noticeable differences and similarities of both of these products. Each product is chosen according to what the person needs their equipment to do.

A PDA does not having calling features, as it is not meant to be used as one, even though it does have similar features. It allows individuals to connect with each other in a chatting session and by sending and receiving emails. The PDA is more like an office assistant; it deals with schedules, contact lists, note taking, and appointment setting. This device is more preferred to businessperson who is constantly on the go. They have the ability to check, schedule or change their meetings or appointments. For the music conscience, hi tech generation the Smartphone is perfect.

The Smartphone is advance in its features and functionalities. It has calling features, browsing abilities, document creation capabilities, and video watching enhancements. They have a full sliding keyboard, which make imputing data and texting easy.  It can browse the internet and connect to a computer with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi access.

The biggest difference between these two devices is with their service providers.  PDA’s service providers are interchangeable. In other words, the individual is not stuck with a provider that he or she does not like. The Smartphone is not that smart. The only way to change service providers using the Smartphone is to buy a new Smartphone. While both devices connect to a network, the PDA is slower to connect. However, the Smartphone is gradually replacing the PDA.


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