Pediatric Nurse Vs. Orthopedic Nurse

Difference Between Pediatric Nurse and Orthopedic Nurse You’ve heard about nurses in pediatric and orthopedic surgery. Is this…

Difference Between Pediatric Nurse and Orthopedic Nurse

You’ve heard about nurses in pediatric and orthopedic surgery. Is this “PEDIA” in both terms confusing you? There are many differences between the two concepts. Let’s look at the differences:

The basics first, A nurse cares for orthopedic patients, primarily handles patients who are recovering from a trauma of some muscular system. They also care for those patients who need replacement of arthroscopy, hip or knee. Other conditions that they give attention include bone deformities, fractures, bone infections, cerebral palsy and spina bifida.

A pediatric nurse is the one who takes care of infants, children or adolescents. They generally care for these patients in a variety of conditions. A pediatric nurse must be compassionate and understanding. Since it involves taking care of children, it is necessary for her to understand the importance of returning the children back to their homes as soon as possible.

The job profile of nurses differs as per their specialization. An orthopedic nurse monitors the primary rail or a box, traction and takes care of any other equipment used in orthopedics.

A pediatric nurse performs specialized care that is focused on infants, as well as children. She encourages strong involvement of parents to care for their children and other family members. She makes plans that are designed to cope with varied growth patterns of children. A pediatric nurse is working in a wide range of conditions and clinics. She can work at a baby clinic or specialty clinic that is intended to provide care to people with special needs. She can also be trained to deal with issues of trauma and metabolic child. She helps doctors with hospital visits, emergency room and clinic referrals.

A general orthopedic nurse has a year of associate degree or a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing. She gets a starting salary of about $ 19 per hour.

A pediatric nurse often has a associate degree in nursing. She could launch her career in around $ 19.5 per hour.

There is even a specialty domain called pediatric orthopedics. Its muscle focus is on issues related to children. This field has grown rapidly in recent times

Abstract :.

1 Orthopaedic Nurses face the problems that are concerned with the skeletal muscles of the adult system of body. The conditions may vary between muscle and bone surgery. An orthopedic nurse not only takes care of patients, but also helps them recover from illness, as well as monitoring orthopedic instruments used.

2 A pediatric nurse is taking care of children under any circumstances.

3. Training and qualification of an orthopedic nurse is different from those of a pediatric nurse.

4 Since the level of expertise and care required for both domains are so radically different, both professions offer wages differently.

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