Pistol vs Riffle

The difference between Pistol and Riffle Pistols are sometimes mistaken as riffles and so as to riffles are…

The difference between Pistol and Riffle

Pistols are sometimes mistaken as riffles and so as to riffles are mistaken as pistols. We see them in films, cops, and mostly whenever we see a security guard on the mall. Well both are actually guns but in different categories. Let us carefully differentiate the two.


A pistol belongs to the hand gun category. They are a smaller than a riffle and can be carried on one hand although upon firing it, some would use both hands for better accuracy. Stevens Maxim was the person who made the first pistol which was way back in 1885. Nowadays, there are two types of pistols which are the semi-automatic and the single-shot pistol. Compared to riffles, they are more advanced so to say, because of the safety feature it has to avoid accidental firings. It also uses minor pressure when firing a bullet. Once it fires, it recoils meaning it shifts the next bullet into the chamber. This type of gun is more popular because of its features of being light-weight, and small. This means it can be brought anywhere for protection, ease of access, and can be hidden a lot easier than riffles.


On the other hand, riffles belong to the long gun category because they possess this long barrel. You can choose from a variety of riffles, some of which are; Spencer, semi-automatic, automatic, musket, and many more. This however cannot easily be hidden unlike the pistol but, if you prefer a gun with a lot more power, then the riffle would best suit you. A riffle can shoot a bullet up to 300 feet per second!

Brief Summary:

-A pistol is more popular due to its size, light-weight, and easily concealable body it has, while the riffle is bulky, and heavy.

-A riffle however can do a lot more damage compared to a pistol.

-In terms of easier access, a pistol is a lot more convenient because you can shoot it with one hand, while a riffle will require both hands and your shoulder to support it upon firing.

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