Plane Surveying vs. Geodetic Surveying

Difference Between Plane Surveying and Geodetic Surveying Surveying can be simply defined as a process or technology which…

Difference Between Plane Surveying and Geodetic Surveying

Surveying can be simply defined as a process or technology which is used to take measure in a scientific way, above or underneath the surface of the globe, to determine the points to produce a plan or a card. When the zone of surveying is small, and the graph in which its result is drawn is big, then it is known as plan, and vice versa of this is a map. Surveying is broadly used in almost all plans of civil engineering such as building, bridges, reservoirs, dams, railways, roads, plans of irrigation etc surveying can be classified according to different mailmen such as the field of the inquiry (as surveying, marine surveys, photogrammetric, etc), the object of inquiries (as objective of engineering, to fine servicemen, etc), the method of inquiry (as triangulation, trialteration, etc), and used instruments (as the chain of surveying, surveying, leveling theodolite, etc) Nevertheless, the classification of the first surveys are raised plane and geodesy surveying.

Plane of surveying

Surveying Glides through a branch of the surveying in which the surface of the earth is considered to be a surface glide. It is form most fluently to plan surveying. This is used when the expanse of the zone to be polled is small (lower area in 260 square km) and this method neglects the curve of the earth. To make counting, normally triangles are formed on the ground and these triangles are also supposed to be the triangles of plane and the rules of triangles of plane are used to make counting. The zone to be watched, and the error linked to the results of opinion poll are positively correlated. So, this method is not adapted for surveying around more definite or precise big areas. Normally surveying Glides is useful for the plans of engineering. Normally, the inquiry for the site and the building of railways, the fields of the freeway, Cannel, and the touchdown are classified according to this method.


Geodesic surveying is another branch of the surveying in which the curve of the earth is considered during the catch of measurements on the terrestrial surface. The spherical form of the real earth is taken into account. This is also known as trigonometric surveying. The formed triangles are spherical triangles and counting is performed by using spherical trigonometry. In this method, measures are taken with the aid of instruments of high precision. This method is used to determine or to establish points of control for other inquiries, and for long lines and zones. The position of every geodesic station is expressed by using degree of longitude and degree of latitude and Global Positioning System (GPS) which is normally used at this end.

What is difference between surveying geodesy Glides and?

Although, of surveying and plan of two geodesic are the modalities of measure on the earth, they have some distinctive traits.

1. In most cases, surveying plane ignores the curve of the earth, while geodesic uses to examine it.

2. Surveying plane is adapted for the small surfaces, while geodesic is done for vast area.

3. Geodesic surveying is more definite than the surveying of plane.

4. Triangles formed in surveying plane are of triangles plane, but in the geodesic formed triangles also take into the account the curve

5. Geodesic stations are in huge distance in comparison with stations formed in surveying plane.

6. More on surveying plane uses normal instruments as the chain, cordon to be measured, in the theodolite, etc to locate points on the earth, while geodesic surveying uses more definite instruments and modern technologies such as GPS.




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