Psychologist vs. Psychiatrist

  Difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist Not in many occasions you find the terms psychologist and…


Difference between a Psychologist and a Psychiatrist

Not in many occasions you find the terms psychologist and psychiatrist being used in their appropriate context. To many, the words seem alike and all the same mean the same thing although the exact reality about the two is definitely very clear that they are words that mean two different things. The difference between a psychologist and a psychiatrist is basically centered on the qualifications of either. The professional roles of both psychologists and psychiatrist differ in any health establishment due to the apparent difference of their qualifications. The main difference then come in the qualifications where a psychiatrist is a professional medical doctor that is trained in advanced levels in the field of medicine while on the other hand a psychologist is a professional who is also trained in an advanced level  but in a different field of study called psychology. What we deduce the from this is that in short, a psychiatrist is indeed a medical doctor who has undergone the convectional training of a doctor in a medical school while opposite to this, a psychologist does not have to be trained in medical disciplines in any medical schools. Consequently, psychiatrists are capable of performing medical tasks such medicine prescription and others.

Having seen the difference in qualification between the two, it is very crucial to emphasize the point that even though a psychiatrist may seem to be more advanced than a psychologist, the truth of the matter is psychologist are people who have been ascertained in the highest level of their discipline and are therefore involved in complex tasks such counseling of patient and prescribing therapy treatments to patients with mental complications. This then drives us to the other difference between the two which will be simply observed by the fact that it is the primary objective of psychologists to counsel patient while psychiatrist are involved in none of this. On the nature of the work done by each, it is a matter of necessity that a psychiatrist works in the hospital building while the reverse is equally true for a psychologist who doesn’t have to necessary work on location.




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