Rabbit vs. Hare

Difference Between Rabbit and Hare Of so many animals present on earth, the dearest, adorable, most shy and…

Difference Between Rabbit and Hare

Of so many animals present on earth, the dearest, adorable, most shy and quiet and gentlest are the hares and the rabbits. The greatest strength of these two species of animals is their high speed and the speed at which they breed, and these contribute to the proper and healthy existence of them in this world. In reality hare and rabbit are two different species, but many people regard them as one and the same. How will you differentiate between a rabbit and a hare? Following are certain features that will assist you to determine the same, when you come across any of these species.

Of the two species, hares are much more large and fast than the rabbits, with black spotted fur and larger hind legs as compared to the rabbits. When the young kittens of the rabbits are born, they cannot see and are naked i.e are not covered with fur. On the other hand, the young ones of hare are born with proper eyesight and a whole lot of fur covering the entire body. Through the ages, rabbits have been taken in the domestic world and have been accepted as pets whereas hares run wild in the natural habitats and cannot be kept as pets. Even the places where the rabbits and hares stay show a stark contrast. Where we see rabbits inhabiting burrows underground, hares are found to be living in the nests that they build on and above the ground. The young ones of rabbit are never seen outside the furrow until they have their fur coating and proper eyesight while those of hares start running here and there from the instant that they are born. Rabbits are very social in nature and they prefer to stick together in groups or colonies, where there is always a fight among the male members in order to establish their superiority. A strange aspect of a rabbit colony is that once a male has been regarded as supreme and dominant alpha male, he only mates with all the females that are present in that colony. This social character is absent among the hares, as they usually are seen to be together during the time of breeding and show no tendency of competition for the purpose of establishing supremacy. Rabbits as well as hares differ from each other as regards their eating habits also. On one hand rabbits prefer soft and fleshy food like fruits and vegetables, hares prefer to live on hard woody parts of the plants.

In spite of all these differences, there still are some similarities between the two species like molting, or the annual shedding and re- growing of the fur. However, the colour of the fur does vary in the two species.

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