Racism Vs. Stereotyping

Difference Between racism and Stereotyping Racism and stereotyping are quite different from each other. The biggest difference between…

Difference Between racism and Stereotyping

Racism and stereotyping are quite different from each other. The biggest difference between these is that the racism is unlawful, while the stereotype is even harmful to society, but not punishable.

Stereotyping can be a characteristic of an individual. A person can belong to any religion, nation or race. Racism pertains to origin of a person, his nationality or his group. General characteristics or behaviors are not included in the definition of Racism


Before 1930, the word was not into much use. It’s about the fact that people think that the functions of different individuals or groups are determined by genetic makeup. This results in a specific genetic race or nationality or ethnic origin and belief that one race is somehow better than the other. This idea or concept or belief that one race is superior to the other is the root of racism. It applies generally, oppression, prejudice, hate or discrimination against a group of people.

In practice, racism, that causes some effects on society are known as racial discrimination. UN considers the racial and ethnic discrimination at the same level. There are many forms of racial discrimination, including institutional racism and economic racism.

Institutional racism refers to the benefits, rights and preferential treatment of a particular race or denial of it to another.

Economic racism refers to the economic benefits of a particular race or the economic benefits declined to a certain race

Stereotyping :.

The word “stereotype” was first used in 1798. Firmin Didot was the person who invented this word and used it for printing. It refers to a print copy of something original in the world of printing.

Stereotyping refers to the belief entertained by the people of a certain type, or a belief in a social group. It is based on certain assumptions that were made for many years and still exist. In simple language, it can be explained as an imprint in the mind of a person or a group of people over another person or group of persons. The reason for stereotyping is a lack of knowledge of the other

Summary :.

1.Racism is based on religion, ethnicity and nationality of a person or group. Stereotyping is based on an idea that is believed by a set of people for another group or a person, regardless of their origin.

2.Racism is illegal, stereotypes are not punishable, even if it has serious consequences.

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