Religion vs. Atheist

The concepts & differences of religion and Atheism Well, the term atheist is a word that is constantly…

The concepts & differences of religion and Atheism

Well, the term atheist is a word that is constantly mis – understood to mean the lack of religious belief. In true sense atheist is itself a type of religion on the basis that, like religion which is centered on customs and principles that are based on faith and belief, atheist also involves the concept of faith and belief in it since atheist means lack of faith or belief in God. Te point that we should drive home here is basically based on the observation that not all religions belief in God. As we have seen earlier, religion is based on beliefs and customs as well as faith that are connected to a supernatural being that is not necessarily God. Since most religion however have profound focus on God, the difference between them and atheist then can be derived from this fact since as we have mentioned earlier the concept of atheist involve no focus on the belief of God.

From an atheist point of view, one who approves on the non- believe in supernatural powers is exempted from religious rituals and practices unlike in religion where if one becomes part of the religion, he or she becomes part of the custom practices and rituals. The absence of religion in someone life however does not mean the absence of morality and ethical practices.

As for atheists, their argument of choosing to ignore the concept of supernatural gods is largely based on a skeptical point of view as opposed to a sadist one. Many will argue although there is wide belief in god and goddesses, there exist no clear manifestation of the godly power associated with the gods but of course strong religious followers will counter the argument on the basis of examples cited by the lives of religious leaders hat will seem to be to some extent divine.

Over the years many religions such as Hinduism have approved atheists but have also pointed that spiritual growth is not possible in them. As for Jainism and Buddhism, they have largely advocated their own versions of atheist and even further described the concept as a subset of their religion.


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