Research Methods vs. Research Methodology

Difference between research methods and research methodology When an individual has taken up a task of carrying out…

Difference between research methods and research methodology

When an individual has taken up a task of carrying out a research in a particular field, subject or on a particular topic, there area lot of things that he/she must be aware of, and these include the methods to carry out the research smoothly, and also the different techniques that prove useful while executing the methods of research. The former is known as the RESEARCH METHODS while the later is called RESEARCH METHODOLOGY.

These two terms, however, are very often confused and are referred to as one and the same by many researchers. But in reality there is a marked difference between these two words. On one hand, where, the RESEARCH METHODS are the modus operandi of conducting various tests, surveys, experiments etc. In order to obtain a result of the research, RESEARCH METHODOLOGY explains these methods in details, so that the researcher can decode for himself, which technique would be the best to follow for his research. In other words, RESEARCH METHODOLGY is about understanding and learning the different techniques that prove useful in conducting the critical studies, tests, experiments as well as surveys. In short, we can say that it is owing to the research methodology, that the conducting of proper research methods can be done in a proper, understandable and systematic manner.

Where Research Methods pave way to  finding a proper solution or obtaining a proper result for a particular problem under research and research methodology helps one to employ appropriate procedures that can be followed in order to obtain solutions to a problem in hand. Before beginning a proper research of any kind, a researcher is expected to be acquainted with the techniques as well as the principles behind the method that are to be employed for the purpose of carrying out that research. In short, RESEARCH METHODOLOGY is the basic or the initial step of carrying out any kind of research.

Now, a suppose, a research, related to English Literature,  has to be carried out in order to analyse the way different poets used the figure of speech in their work. Research methodology, for the same, will involve a thorough study of the tools of the research, collation of various manuscripts related to the topic, techniques involved in the critical edition of these manuscripts and the like. Research methods, on the other hand will deal with the proper and thorough study of the different works of all these authors and a proper understanding of the figure of speech used by them in their works.

Now, if we take the instance of a scientific research, the research methodology will include a thorough understanding of the techniques as well as the principles of the tests that are to be employed in order to get the best results from the experiments that are to be performed. Research methods for the same, will include the  proper analysis of the results obtained from the experiments conducted by the researcher, and their comparison with the results of similar experiments that have been performed in the past. To gain success in the attempt of research in a particular field of study or a particular topic, any student or a researcher has to gain excellence in both the research methods as well as research methodology,


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