Resume vs. LinkedIn Profile

Difference Between Resume and LinkedIn Profile A resume is a person’s cloth for the corporate world. We all…

Difference Between Resume and LinkedIn Profile

A resume is a person’s cloth for the corporate world. We all know that our place in the society depends a lot upon how presentable we are, upon how we behave and how we dress. A resume serves the purpose of all these for us in the corporate world, as it helps the recruiters of different companies to analyse and assess whether we are the correct employees that they are looking for. LinkedIn on the other hand is a social networking site that aims at professional networking, and is strictly related to business.



Resume vs LinkedIn Profile

There is a very wrong notion among the people, that LinkedIn profile is just a synonym of their resume in the electronic media, and as a result, many instances have been seen, where the profile is almost similar to or is just a copy paste version of the resume of an individual. The people fail to realise that there is a lot of difference between their Resume and their LinkedIn profile.

To start with , the resume of an individual, in a true sense, is a paper printed material, having the basic details of  an individual, hi/her educational qualification and achievements, his/her extra- curricular activities, and his/her previous experiences, if any. On the other hand, a LinkedIn profile, is on an electronic media, and aims at making the person known to people of different and varied background, that range from recruiters to friends, family and acquaintances. A resume is aimed at a different class of audience as compared to a LinkedIn profile, as it restricts its use to the HR of any recruiting company and the people in the interviewing panel. For these people, a resume serves the purpose of deciding upon things that they can ask you, in order to analyse whether you are fit for the job that they are offering.

Any alterations in a resume, once it has been printed on a paper, is not possible, while a LinkedIn profile can be edited, information can be added or deleted from it, at any point of time, for the purpose of keeping it up to date. An idea of the kind of person, the person is, can be vaguely obtained by going through his/her LinkedIn profile, which, unfortunaltely is not possible, as far as a Resume is concerned. Nowadays, it has become a trend among the employers, to have a look at the candidate;s LinkedIn profile too, in order to know the kind of person he/ she is, and whether he/she is capable to cope with the pros and cons of working in and official environment. Many a cases are there,, where the candidate’s selection chances are reduced due to the similarity in their LinkedIn profile and their submitted resume, a reason why one should have an informative and interesting profile, that shows variety and differs from many of those that are there.


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