Revolver vs. Pistol

Difference Between Revolver and Pistol The revolver and pistol popular weapons or you can say handguns that are…

Difference Between Revolver and Pistol

The revolver and pistol popular weapons or you can say handguns that are used by people for defending themselves and also by the police in many countries to remain armed in all circumstances. The revolver is the older among the two although its technology has continued to evolve until recently. It is believed that the Pistol is technologically more advanced as it can get more shots every time it is loaded while a revolver must be reloaded after each shot. There are lovers of both firearms and they have their own advantages and disadvantages but this article will highlight differences between them primarily based on their technologies.

Samuel Colt developed the gun in the year 1836. It received its name due to a rotating cylinder containing cartridges and fires a single barrel. Pistol was developed in 1885 and it worked on the same principle as the mouse trap that Stevens Maxim invented. The best known pistol till date is the Colt 1911 which used this mousetrap technology and is still used by police personnel in many parts of the world.

The Revolving cylinder holds the rounds of the revolver and it rotates to fire through the single barrel. As the user pulls the trigger and the hammer strikes the chamber containing the cartridge. Hammer is loaded every time it is pulled back after each shot.

Unlike a revolver, pulling back of a hammer is not required in case of a pistol and the user just needs to apply pressure on the trigger to fire the shot. Yet there is a safety lever which makes sure that the loaded gun does not shoot by accident. After a shot is fired, the recoil force makes the pistol slide which ejects the sent casing and loading of the next round in the chamber.

The main difference between the firing of a shot with a revolver and a pistol is that you need more effort installing more effort in putting revolving cylinder for the first shot and this is why the pistol scores over revolver. Sight alignment is easier in case of pistol.

There are many who doubt the security system of the lever in pistol. Yet there is nothing to suggest that there is never an accidental fire a gun or fire fell from the pocket. Revolvers, that are considered safer than pistols, have many instances when they have accidently fired.



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