Risk vs. Uncertainty

Difference Between Risk and Uncertainty In our daily lives there are several instances and circumstances when we stop…

Difference Between Risk and Uncertainty

In our daily lives there are several instances and circumstances when we stop from doing something just because we are uncertain of the outcome or the result of the same. There are other instances too, when in spite of being uncertain of the outcome, the work itself seems so tempting that we take the risk of getting involved into it. To many people, the difference between uncertainty and risk is not quite clear. Well, let me take a try at explaining the difference between the two.

If we consider the dictionary meaning of the words risk and uncertainty, we will see that the meaning of risk is explained as exposing oneself to loss, harm, injury, hazard or pain while that of uncertainty is explained as a state of hesitancy or uncertainty or doubt. These two do appear to be the same, but if one considers the two meanings carefully, he will realize that they are two different aspects of human expectations from the incidents occurring around them. Risk is something that one can take and it comes with a lot of uncertainty. Getting involved with something whose outcome or result is unsure is called taking risk. Every day when you leave from house there are a lot of risks. While walking on the road you are always at the risk of meeting with an accident with any vehicle. In case of an examination, if you are not properly prepared, you will always be uncertain about it. Uncertainty comes with the fear of the human mind to fail in doing something or the other while risk something that the person takes even after the knowledge that it might not end up in positive result.So in order to succeed in something, one has to remove the uncertainty factor from his/her mind. Otherwise he/she will be at the risk of failing at the task. Being uncertain is never good but one has to take risks in order to succeed in life because without risk one cannot ever progress in life.


  1. Risk is an act of exposing oneself to loss, harm etc while uncertainty is the hesitancy or fear of incurring loss or harm or hut.
  2. Uncertainty is a purely emotional in nature while uncertainty is quite a realistic aspect.
  3. The probability of success is very low in case of reality and uncertainty can be achieved with cent percent success.



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