Ruby Vs Emerald – The Difference Between the Gemstones

Precious gemstones are usually the sources of inspiration and appreciation for fashion lovers. The planet earth has handed…

Precious gemstones are usually the sources of inspiration and appreciation for fashion lovers. The planet earth has handed over this valuable gift to human beings who unfortunately never think to say thanks. These are associated with the category of minerals developed underground in extremely exotic and attractive look. Rubies and emeralds are one of the most precious stones of this planet. They are considered precious not because of their value in the market but due to their scarcity.


The gemstone ruby is usually found in red color having the rank of 9 out of a scale of 10. However, natural rubies are usually not as much perfect. They are decorated with use of needles and impurities to make them more attractive. These gemstones you buy from the store are usually passed through various processes. These stones are available in red, orange and even purple red color. On the other hand, emerald is the green color gemstone which is found in many jewelry shops. It is also passed through a process of polishing and reshaping to make it more attractive. It is soft nature stone as compared to ruby. It is rated at the position of 7 or 8 out of 10 scales in term of its hardness.

Price Tagging

There is a need for much verification before any price tag is placed in terms of the status of the stones. These types of stones are usually evaluated by viewing their cut, color, crystal, and clarity. Color is the important thing in deciding the price of the stones while clarity is another thing to make the stone worthwhile. As far as the price of ruby is concerned, it is usually measured by its color. The bright rubies have high price tag as compared to dim color stones which are relatively less expensive.  In contrast to ruby, emeralds are found in clear green colors. Only certain processes for validation are used in determination of other factors. This green stone is checked for its beauty, and clarity. It is one of the most clarified stone that can be easily viewed and therefore appreciated without the use of any particular viewing instrument.

Usage in Jewelry

The use of rubies and emeralds is mostly used in the jewelry of women for its colors. There are some rubies which are used by rich people in ornaments as a sign of their culture for inheritance. These types of stones have masculine beauty. Emerald type of stones is quite ideal for both genders’ usage because they look good in precious substance for ornament making. Emerald looks great in pendants and other jewelry items worn equally by male and female.

Compare and Contrast:

Both the emerald and ruby are extremely exotic stones that are exclusively available in the particular jewelry marketplace.

Emeralds stones are usefully for both women and men.

Validation of emerald stone is easier as you can understand the value of the stone based on its outer appearance. Every stone has its own set of characteristics and you should select the one based on your own personal needs.

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