Rudd vs. Roach

Difference Between Rudd And Roach Rudd The rudd looks like it was colored straight out of a crayon…

Difference Between Rudd And Roach


The rudd looks like it was colored straight out of a crayon box. This bright fish has a brownish-green back, bright yellow sides, and red fins. Even its red-spotted yellow eyes attract attention.

The rudd lives in the quiet waters of ponds, slow-moving rivers, and marshes. It prefers anywhere with an plenty of heavy plant growth. There it hides among the aquatic plants, searching for mosquitoes and other insects. Its mouth is set at an angle. This is very useful for capturing prey at the water’s surface. The rudd does not have teeth in its mouth. Instead it has three rows of teeth on the pharyngeal bone near its gills. The teeth grind insects, plant matter, and other food.


Mention an animal named “roach,” and most people think of the disgusting creature that lurks in kitchens and scatters when the lights are turned on. However, that creepy, crawly roach is formally called a cockroach. By contrast, the animal correctly called roach is a beautifully colored fish that lives in Europe and Asia. The roach has an olive or gray-green back with a silvery shine, yellowish-silver sides, and reddish fins.

Roaches are most common in weedy lakes and slow-flowing rivers. They live in groups called schools or shoals. In warm weather, schools stay in shallow areas. They move to deeper waters for the winter.

Roaches reproduce in April and May. Schools that live in salty water migrate upstream to reproduce in fresh water. Males usually arrive at the spawning site a few days before the females. A female roach may lay as many as 150,000 transparent yellowish eggs among aquatic plants. At the same time, the males release sperm. How many of the eggs are fertilized? That is simply a matter of chance.

Young roaches have huge appetites for small crustaceans, insect larvae, and plant matter. Adult roaches eat larger crustaceans, mollusks, and plants. In turn, roaches are eaten by such predators as herons, otters, pike, and perch. In many parts of Europe and Asia, roaches are an important human food.



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