Saas vs. Daas

Difference Between Saas and Daas Cloud computing is a style of computing in which resources are made available…

Difference Between Saas and Daas

Cloud computing is a style of computing in which resources are made available on the Internet. Most often these resources are expandable and highly envisioned and they are provided as a service. Cloud computing is fragmented into different parts on the basis of the different services that SaaS (Software as a Service) provides. It is the category of cloud computing that has software application as the main resource. DaaS is that  category in which the user is provided a full desktop experience (package of applications and associated data) through the Internet. Other popular categories are PaaS (Platform as a Service on) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).


SaaS is one of the classes / methods of cloud computing. As talked about earlier, resources accessible as a service by SaaS are exclusively software applications. Here, an application is shared across multiple clients using the “one to many” model. The primary advantage to the user of  SaaS is that he / she can avoid installing and maintaining software and can be free from complex software / equipment required. The SaaS software provider, also known as hosted software or application software, handle the security, availability and performance of the software because they run on the servers of the provider. A single application is delivered to millions of users by a multitenant structural design through internet browsers. Customers are not in the need of upfront licensing; while providers enjoy paying less because they have to keep up just one application. Customers do not require that allowing franc, while providers like lower prices because they maintain just one application. SaaS, the Business Day, Google Apps and Office Zogo are some of the popular SaaS applications.


DaaS is another category or a specific application of cloud computing. DaaS provides full desktop experience on the Internet. This is sometimes called the office virtualization / virtual hosted desktop or office because it allows the user to enjoy the benefits of almost a complete desktop. Unlike SaaS, DaaS provides not only applications or software, but also provides related data produced by applications. To allow users to have some control over the data, usually a data center can share / isolates of the data is the organization. The architecture of Daas is multi-tenant and subscribers purchase the service by paying monthly subscription fees. Since the service provider is responsible for storage, support and security of data, only a thin client is a need for the service. Because these thin clients are generally the low-end computer terminal, responsible for providing a graphical user interface, the initial price for the subscriber for buying the hardware is very low. Contacting the desktop is feasible irrespective of the location of the user, device or network.

What is the difference between SaaS and DaaS?

Although DaaS and SaaS applications are two different categories of cloud computing, they have important differences. SaaS is focused specifically to make software applications available on the Internet, whereas DaaS offers the complete desktop experience by allowing a package of applications and the related data to the subscriber. Typically, SaaS provides only a single or two or three applications to the user, while DaaS provides a virtual desktop. DaaS users can use a thin client get the service, while the users of SaaS need fat-client. DaaS users are not responsible for the storage or backup of the data, but users of SaaS usually should maintain and recover data produced by the applications themselves.




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