Salwar vs. Churidar

Difference Between Salwar and Churidar Each of us want to get better  and much better things.One gets bored…

Difference Between Salwar and Churidar

Each of us want to get better  and much better things.One gets bored very soon of the stuff he is carrying for years.

Churidar is the result of wanting something new. It gives a special appearance to the one who wears it.

It gives a little more formal look unlike the salwar.

As the name,churidar,churi means bangles or wrinkles -it creates churi around the legs of a person,and so its name is churidar. Wrinkles appear on the ankle portion in churidar.

Salwar has paved the way for churidar and churidar is more artificial in nature. It is modern in appearance. The making of churidar from salwar is like changing the pace of the traditional look.

Churidar  is supposed to be a bit skin tight types.It takes the shape of the legs of a person who is wearing it.Also the kurti  worn with the churidar is of different types .

It is a bit tight and can be short.With a churidar one gets a lot of choices for the stitching of the kurti.It

can be an, A line kurti, or simple short kurta,or  something in frok style. The upper portion of the

churidar  is not wide spread like  salwar .

With a salwaar one wears a long kurta ,atleast upt knee length.Also salwaar is not as tight as the churidaar.   It’s a bit looser. It can be a simple one or can be of patyala style.

With churidar,one won’t get such styles.

The length of the salwaar is lesser than that of curidaar.Churidaar creates circles around the leg of a person.Churidaar is tight from the side of ankles also but salwaar is looser.In  salwar the top portion is endowed with pleats. Pleats are generally not seen in the modern churidar.

The cloth material is more in churidaar than that of salwaar.

Salwar has more of traditional touch than churidar.  The cuts and curves of  a salw are different from churidar.Churidar is characterized by leg like shape with a margin of few inches to facilitate the movements of legs. The salwar top too is long up to the knee and the sleeves can be short or long as per the desire of the one who wears it.

Churidar belongs to the design category of garments but not salwaar.



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