Samsung Bada vs. Android

Difference Between Samsung bada and Android Samsung bada is the new phone launched by Samsung which is giving tough…

Difference Between Samsung bada and Android

Samsung bada is the new phone launched by Samsung which is giving tough competition to Android. Although both are open mobile platforms, Bada is relatively new in the market while Android has already made its mark in the market. Bada is the operating system based on which, Samsung is launching its smart phones and is also making devices for Android.

As both of these platforms are open platforms, there is lot of scope for customization. Samsung TouchWiz is the stylish ser interface for Bada and this allows you to customize social networking, calendar and you can also see the weather on your screen. There are three home screens and you can easily drag and drop things from one screen to another. The widget front ends are very user friendly in Android. You also have virtual keyboard to access the widgets with ease. Although Android and Bada, both offer similar facilities but Bada is lot more stylish and flashy and apart from many new features it also inherits all the great features from iOS, Android, HTC sense and WP7.

If we talk about Multimedia then bada is far ahead of Android and other phones in the category. If you love listening to music then you would find it a better experience with bada because the music player of Android is not only complicated but a little messy as well. Bada is also good in terms of videos while it takes long for the videos to load and play on Android. The quality of video is much better on Bada. You can get apps for both these through their app stores and enhance their multimedia capacity. The market of Android apps is already developed whereas Apps stores are still building up for Samsung.

If you compare both the phones then you must compare their initial stages. When Android was launched it did not have too many apps and was launched with just one phone while bada is far more advanced and offers lot more features. With time we can expect more developments in bada but it may be too early to say that bada may rule the market in short time from now.


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